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NCOIC Seminar

“Military Recruiting Experts are just that EXPERTS, their professional candor, preparation, and dedication to winning is infectious. Recruiters and area NCOIC’s responded to the training extremely well, we went out and had the best month we have had in recent memory. Thanks MRE, appreciate all your guidance and mentorship” Production SGM 


“Dave Eustice is unlike any other trainer out there in that he is laser-focused on recruiting LEADER training.  His depth of knowledge derived from personal experience is evident in every conversation and presentation. Dave’s sound analysis and recommendations have helped us to change the culture of our Battalion from one of mediocrity into one of accountability and exceeding the mission.”  RRB CDR

"I link a ton of my success to the methods and theories of leadership I learned in St Louis last year. My team is leading the state and even with constant personnel moves, we are maintaining a 1.65 write rate.”  MSG ARNG

"The Military Recruiting Expert NCOIC Seminar, was a phenomenal mix of R&R NCOIC specific leadership competencies and attributes, tied in with good old-fashioned NCOs being NCOs in leading Soldiers that are now Recruiters. Dave and Dave are extremely passionate about the recruiting mission of the National Guard. Their years of experience and success give them all the credibility I needed; to listen when they spoke. I would recommend them for any Battalion that is looking for some Leadership training for their Sr. NCOs." CSM ARNG

"I was blown away! MRE presented information I have never seen before." SGM, ARNG

"Outstanding course for NCOICs. Presenters are a wealth of valuable knowledge." 1SG, IA ARNG

"MRE has provided me a clear path to be an effective NCOIC." MSG, NE ARNG

"This time is most productive learning session I have been in." MSG, WI ARNG

"MRE had great energy and passion for NCOICs to succeed." 1SG, IA ARNG

"These two professionals beat home that we have a mission and failure is not an option." MSG, MO ARNG

"This was an awesome experieince, a good reminder to keep the main thing the main thing." SFC, PA ARNG

"Every new NCOIC or SFC that is getting ready to take over a team should get this training." MSG, TN ARNG

"I am leaving here motivated!" SFC, NY ARNG

"MRE is by far the most up to speed seminar that I have attended." SFC, IL ARNG

"I recommend this class for new and seasoned NCOICs." MSG, KY ARNG

"Great course for new NCOICs." 1SG, IL ARNG

"I gained so much knowledge. Greatly surpasses any school I've attended." MSG, MO ARNG

"Great course with knowledgeable instructors and ideas sharing among peers." MSG, PA ARNG

"This was great information and motivated me to go back and make my team the best in the state." SFC/Area NCOIC, NY ARNG

"I highly recommend this training for newly assigned NCOICs." MSG, TX ARNG

"If you didn't gain anything from this, you weren't paying attention." MSG, MN ARNG

"Best recruiting information I've ever received!" 1SG, NY ARNG

"Ideas I can implement immediately that will increase production." 1SG, MN ARNG

"Picked up some additional ideas and tools that will be implemented this year." MSG/Area NCOIC, OR ARNG

"I have been in recruiting for 20 years and recommend this training because it is from those who have done the job. Other motivational speakers are a "catch all" with no recruiting experience." MSG/Area NCOIC, NCARNG

"Important well thought out class based off real success. A true what to do for those that want to be part of a winning team!" MSG/Area NCOIC, OR ARNG

"Very useful platform to generate new productive ideas." MSG/Area NCOIC, WV ARNG

"I will use the knowledge and tools gained during this seminar in my position as Area NCOIC. This seminar is a great tool for new NCOICs for success from the start." SFC/Area NCOIC, NC ARNG

"I often think I am the only NCOIC that deals with issues we discussed. The training hit home and gave me perspective to consider and tools to use." MSG/Area NCOIC DE ARNG

"Changed my mindset towards mission from surviving to thriving." MSG/Area NCOIC MS ARNG

"Outstanding training! I can't wait to get home and implement many of the things I learned." MSG/Area NCOIC CT ARNG

"Motivating, inspirational, and effective. Worth the money and the time." MSG/Area NCOIC ME ARNG

"This seminar was exactly what I needed to reinvigorate my drive and motivation toward achieving success with my recruiting team!" MSG/Area NCOIC DE ARNG

Officer Seminar

"Very good class. I will take TTPs back and implement immediately." ARNG BN CDR LTC

"Training and candid discussion was very helpful." ARNG Co. CDR MAJ

"Recommend this seminar to anyone who will be in a leadership role in recruiting." ARNG OSM CPT

"Great course for officer leaders to understand the NCOIC role." ARNG Co. CDR CPT

"I want my NCOICs to attend the next NCOIC event." ARNG Co. CDR CPT

In State Training

"I would highly recommend MRE for any state because they brought specific data to our state and presented it in a way that the command could digest the changes needed." ARNG RRB BN CDR

"Great one on one interaction. Training felt personalized. Trainers were mentors." ARNG RRB SGM

"David conducted training for our Recruiting BN that included Command Team, Team Chief, and RRNCO curriculums. Prior to the in person part of this training event I spoke with David numerous times getting him quantifiable data reports that he used to provide an excellent "external evaluation" of our Recruiting operations. His knowledge of the job at all levels gives him the "street cred" with the NCOIC's and the RRNCO's and he has walked in the boots of the Command Team for many miles with successful results. I strongly encourage any Recruiting BN or HR team to hire David and get an accurate assessment of the current state of your organization and assistance in developing a plan and benchmarks to get to the ideal state."ARNG RRB CSM